About Me


Jacqueline is a fashion designer based in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art University in 2022. Jacqueline breathes fashion, she feels ‘in her element’ when she around clothes. Her mom was a traditional Chinese wedding dress designer, under her influence, Jacqueline wanted to be a fashion designer when she was little.


Jacqueline is a designer that focuses on details and silhouette – a row of meticulously packed-together pintucks, a cleverly-placed yoke, or a perfectly unusual button… these sorts of details signify a well-designed garment to her. 


Jacqueline is a life long learner, she wants to work her way up at a fashion company, with a long term goal of become a famous fashion designer. In the future, Jacqueline sees herself traveling the world to discover and develop her creative vision by finding new ideas and inspiration.





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